Marc Thorpe Design
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Looking at Tod’s Leo is a project led by renowned architect Giulio Cappellini who called upon Marc Thorpe to re-interpret Tod’s iconic accessory. The identity of the Leo is rooted in driving. The concept for our Tod’s Leo was to inspire the feeling of movement. To help us communicate this we embraced the most important formal and stylistic detail of the Leo, the perforated rubber sole. Perforation in leather products as well as in architecture and automotive design functions for the transmission of air and light. We found that this was the perfect design detail to communicate the feeling of movement while relating to the formal and functional history of the shoe. The perforation on the base of the shoe continues to the top and graduates towards the heal. The gradation originates as larger perforations to smaller with contrasting color interior lining to allowing for the appearance of movement.

Marc Thorpe for Tod's.jpg