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Stella Artois | Nova

Introducing Stella Artois NOVA, a Sleek, Stylish Innovation in Draught Beer

In Partnership with Acclaimed Industrial Designer Marc Thorpe, Stella Artois Pours Centuries of Brewing Heritage into Next-Generation Countertop Draught Device

Stella Artois, reflecting a Belgian brewing tradition dating back to 1366, today introduced Stella Artois NOVA, a stylish and design-driven innovation in draught beer. Stella Artois NOVA is an all-in-one, refrigerating countertop draught unit, created by Stella Artois in partnership with acclaimed industrial designer Marc Thorpe. The unit was developed for more intimate bars, lounges and restaurants that wish to serve draught beer but do not have the space or capability to install full-scale draught systems. Stella Artois NOVA now makes this possible thanks to its unique, break-through draught technology.

Stella Artois NOVA is the result of a year-long multinational design partnership between Stella Artois and Marc Thorpe, the acclaimed New York-based designer who has earned global accolades for achievements in industrial and architectural design.

“Building on more than six centuries of brewing heritage, its unique pouring ritual and dedicated chalice glass, Stella Artois has a long- standing tradition as a high quality draught beer. Now, thanks to Stella Artois NOVA, we are bringing this experience closer to fans of the brand in high end bars and restaurants that currently don’t have the opportunity to offer Stella Artois on draught,” said Ricardo Marques, vice president, Stella Artois. “We are very excited with the design direction Marc Thorpe crafted for Stella Artois NOVA: it’s not only groundbreaking but it goes further to embody the values, personality and quality of our brand.”

“Stella Artois has set the bar for the highest standards in beer production with a heritage that dates back hundreds of years. Over those years, the brand has built a culture around its identity reflecting timeless beauty, innovation, artistry, refined craftsmanship and a commitment to quality,” said Marc Thorpe. “The vision of this project was to design a best in class draught experience to be shared at bars and restaurants that did not previously have this capability. Stella Artois NOVA brings a new draught experience that celebrates the essence of this culture by bringing the standards, technology and rituals of Stella Artois to life.”

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