Marc Thorpe Design

Mark Lounge

The Mark Lounge was conceptually developed as a spatial study of solid and void through the programming of surface and the articulation of movement. The lounge is composed of 5 “positive” asymmetrical “pockets” of activity, linked by a “negative” passive transition space. The “pockets” translated into the program of the lounge, defined as the Entry Tunnel, VIP Seating, Main Seating, Bar and Bath. These pockets of activity are rendered in the space with a vibrant high gloss epoxy surface, which extends in a wrapping motion from floor to wall to ceiling, delineating it from the transition spaces, rendered as a rough muted textured surface. The Bar was custom designed to support a seamless spatial transition from the front to the rear of the lounge and is composed of a cantilevered steel frame and clad with a polyester resin laminate supplied by 3Form. The furniture, including the Lounge Seating, Bar Stools and Side Tables were custom designed for the space by MTD in collaboration with Quinze & Milan of Belgium. The seating was designed as flexible surfaces, to allow for multiple configurations of interaction and use. 

Mark Lounge 1.jpg
Mark Lounge 2.jpg