Marc Thorpe Design
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Liberty United

Transform a gun, help save a life. Each year more than 17,000 American children fall victim to gun violence. It’s an epidemic. Liberty United transforms illegal guns and ammunition provided by police into handcrafted jewelry. Proceeds are donated to helping protect at-risk children from gun violence. Our mission is simple: Get illegal guns off the street remaking them into powerful symbols of action that you wear every day and donations that can save a child’s life; maybe even yours.

Marc Thorpe was commissioned by Liberty United to design the core collection of the brand. The designs of our men’s and unisex pieces bear a cross-hatch pattern inspired by the grip of a gun. Every piece bears the serial number of an illegal gun we’ve transformed. The collection is brass plated in rhodium, 14k gold, hematite, or rose gold. The black moniker disc in each piece is made of recycled gun metal and bears the Liberty United logo. Each is set into an octagon that evokes the barrel of the 1873 Winchester rifle.

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