Marc Thorpe Design


Most vehicles are designed based on a standard litany of technological constraints. Infiniti vehicles come to life in a different way. They are inspired by a brushstroke. And that "Moment of Inspiration" is what leads to everything that is unique about the brand. The Shodo brushstroke is a metaphor for the Inspired Moment – for the burst of intuitive brilliance that lives in each of us and which can be inspired by nature, by a thing of beauty, or by a great car.

The Infiniti Moments of Inspiration pavilion, comes to life at Pebble Beach, during the 2010 Concours d'Elegance designed by Marc Thorpe Design. Guests encountering the pavilion are enveloped into an augmented reality driven interactive experience that brings to life the Infiniti brand pillars. The pavilion itself, following the principle of Takumi, is designed to exemplify the human perspective of the brushstroke and that help guests experience the moment of inception that comes from the physical gesture. The pavilion and its elements are metaphorical articulations of structure derived from contemporary roadways, the undulating hills of natural landscapes, and the Shodo brushstroke itself.