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Ducati Project E

At Marc Thorpe Design we are always looking towards the future and are inspired by innovation, collaboration and the power of collective vision. We begin with a question, how far and fast can we go with zero carbon foot print. We are proud to present Project E, an exploration into the form, technology and engineering of an all electric racing motorcycle for the legendary Italian bike builder Ducati. The design of Project E is inspired from the racing bikes of the 1960’s with the technology of today. We designed the 400 pound carbon fiber body around a power plant that can accommodate a IPM liquid cooled 160kw 12,000 rpm electric motor with 220 horsepower and 170 foot pounds of torque. The battery pack is a 400V 25 kwh with a range of 170-190 miles per charge. This combination of design and technology can move Project E from 0 to 60 mph in under 2 seconds with a top speed of 220mph. Project E is a vision of the future, designed to inspire and excite the imagination for today and beyond tomorrow.

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