Marc Thorpe Design

CS-001 Hotel

CS-001 (Case Study 001) is located on a former empty lot, corner of Jay and Water street in Dumbo Brooklyn New York. The concept for the building is in response to the growing number of corporate residential condominium towers and buildings being aimlessly produced as real estate investments for the transient elite. An elite that produce nothing and give nothing back to the community while surgically removing the soul of the street and the heart of the neighborhood as a whole. The vision for this building is to establish a dialog with the local creative community and visitors of New York by programmatically highlighting Brooklyn’s talents in the fields of art, design, music, theater and food. Its programmatic function hybridizes the community center, performing arts theater and hotel into a unique tapestry of spaces, offering itself as connective tissue for the local community while functioning as an inspired haven for visitor of the city. The signature gesture of this offering is the ground level “Brooklyn Stoop.” Acting as a vertical plaza, folding the street into the building, the stoop invites the community and visitors of Dumbo to engage with the building as well as with each other. The building hosts a series of layered public spaces including a subterranean gallery, café, restaurant, bar and lounge topped with a community roof garden, sculpture park and performance theater. The hotel component of the building is limited to smaller private spaces such as the reception, service and thirty 250 sqft bedrooms. By limiting private space we are able to force the interaction between the visitors and local community. In an effort to bridge the shared nature of the city, we propose a building that challenges the status quo of the real estate market in NYC and cities around the world. In the words of Jane Jacobs, “Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”