Marc Thorpe Design
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Classic Car Club Soho

The Classic Car Club Manhattan was designed with the intention of creating an exclusive urban sanctuary for the members of the CCC. Located in a 13,000 sqft showroom in the heart of Soho, the CCC hosts a fleet of classic and exotic cars ready to be driven on the streets of New York. The design intention for the club lounge began with the materiality and architecture of the cars themselves, that the cars would be come an extension of the space and the space an extension of the cars. Materials such as steel, wood, leather and glass were used to translate this language down to the smallest detail. The spatial organization of the clubroom is weighted by a 16-foot long ribbed steel bar. The architecture of the bar and lounge is derived from the internal tubular steel frame and sheet metal body of an automobile. The custom bar stools are inspired by a mechanics workshop stool and finished in a blackened stained steel, solid walnut and fine Italian leather. The ribbed structure of the bar is translated into a linear canopy of warm Linestra lamps. Custom fitted to house LED diodes, which wash the ceiling in crisp blue light. The hybrid effect of these two types of lighting elements creates an almost perfect sunset as the spectrum of cool blues merge with the warm tones of orange and yellow.

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