Marc Thorpe Design
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Our vision of the "home office" is one defined by a distant technological future, inspired by Acura's core brand themes. We've designed a minimalist space where Acura's principles of innovation, technology and moving forward are hyper-simplified. This space allows our bachelor to conduct his work quickly and efficiently because the ultimate luxury, of course, is Time.

We believe that the future is less. Less work. Less clutter. Simplified materials and media; through a few quick gestures he generates audio and visual expressions that allow him to speak to the world, and hear what it has to say. This is his communication, his office, his Clocktower.

We've created a multi-sensory space that acts as a metaphor for the car experience: the delicate blend of audio, visual and touch. As the centerpiece, we're fabricating a minimalist, sculptural work table: the ultimate icon of "the office." The form is sleek, inspired by Acura's clean lines. Our Esquire audience will be able to interact with the table, creating audio and visual expressions displayed for all to see/hear. Group participation is simple, efficient and encouraged to help everyone experience our vision of a future communication space.

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